Business Introduction

Korean Goods Import & Sales Business

Import and wholesale / retail sales in general to Korean style popular products and Korean goods
Korean food related
maccori, Korean wine, Seaweed, kimchi, traditional tea, etc
Agriculture & Fisheries
Paprika, mini tomatoes, various vegetables etc.
Korean cosmetics
CC cream and Korean brand cosmetics, K-pop goods

Japanese goods export sales business

We are responsible for smoothly conducting wholesale export of Japanese commodities aiming at the role of bridge connecting Japan and world companies. We do export directly to overseas without going through other people. We will deliver Japanese products not only to Japan but also to the world on our own constructed network. We are doing business with partnership cooperating companies in Hong Kong.
Products handled
Food, toys, apparel, cosmetics · beauty goods, drugstore goods etc.
Japanese Wine export
Exports to Korea with an exclusive contract with Taiyo sake in Niigata, Japan

Beautiful nights, SEOUL NIGHT WINE

A refreshing taste due to low-temperature secondary distillation and freezing filtration technology. A new dimension of distilled liquor that uses ripe plums and has a rich aroma. SEOUL GIN has an exquisite balance of juniper berry and plum scents.

100% ripe plum wine

It is the only plum wine in Korea that is 100% undiluted plum wine without adding other fruit wines. By soaking the harvested ripe plums with patented technology, the original flavor of the plums has been enhanced. The traditional method of using honey from Jeju Island instead of sugar gives it a perfect taste. Awarded at the world’s three major liquor competitions and the Urisuru competition, its quality was recognized.


We have our own warehouse in Japan and deliver it to the whole world through warehouses. Every month we deliver about 5,000 items safely at a competitive cost.
Distribution know-how
Accessibility is high for products distributed in Japan through more than 50 business partners who have been carrying out distribution business with KOA over 10 years in Japan.
Price advantage
Through trading with a Japanese primary wholesaler you can supply products at a lower price with stability.
We are aiming to increase the satisfaction of customers by reducing the costs incurred on logistics customs clearance and logistics costs.
Low cost
Please leave oversea shipping from Japan to KOA. Based on a wide range of overseas delivery it is possible to provide more competitive fares based on basic physical distribution amount.