Japan to the world

New international logistics alternatives

Koa Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in international customs clearance. Based on its long experience and know-how
Global distribution, Korean food import and sales, Japanese goods export sales,
As a specialist in the field, we are an international distributor specializing in serving various products in the Japanese market worldwide.

South korea products import sales

We are importing, distributing and selling Korean products in various categories such as Hallyu products and foods.

Japan products export sales

We have a direct distribution system that does not go through agencies, and we have our own distribution network. Taiwan, Korea, and other partners.


By establishing a distribution system in Japan, we reduce the cost of logistics customs clearance and provide customers with higher satisfaction through more economical service.

KOA Corporation proposes various businesses. We are preparing various alternatives such as import and export trade, direct acting agency, and product development in Japan.